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PZHK Pedigree Database contains only approved mares and stallions and their progeny.

Horse breed:
Note: You don't have to fill in the "HORSE BREED" field, yet it speeds up search.

Please enter ONE of the search criteria and then press the "SEARCH" button. Please don't use "Enter" key instead of Search button.
Horse name: or Breeding licence number:
Please use Polish special characters (Ą, Ć, Ę, Ł, Ń, Ó, Ś, Ż, Ź) or replace each of them with '_' sign. E.g. when you search for ŁOŚ you may type ŁO_ (don't type LOS).
Hucul horses! - with reference to Hucul International Federation new regulations all Hucul horse names include sire line name in brackets following the horse individual name. Therefore it's advised to use '%' sign when searching for a Hucul horse, e.g. LOTNIK%.
Search data by entering only a fragment is possible if you use the special characters:
  • % which replace a string of indeterminate length
  • _ which replace exactly one character.
It's not recommended to search e.g. "A%" - horses names beginning with letter A. The query will take a very long time and may not finish.

Example of use:
  1. Search silesian horse, that name starts from letters "HU" and anding "R":
    from drop-down list Horse breed choose Silesian and in field Horse name type: HU%R then press SEARCH button.
  2. Search horse, that name is "DAMA KIER", but we didn't know that is space or dash character:
    in field Horse name type: DAMA_KIER then press SEARCH button.
Breed abbreviations:
  • Malopolska Horse:   m
  • Wielkopolska Horse:   wlkp
  • Polish Halfbred Horse:   sp
  • Silesian Horse:   śl.
  • Polish Coldblood Horse:   z
  • Polish Ardennes:   ard.pol.
  • Hucul Horse:   hc
  • Polish Konik:   kn
  • Other breeds:   Thoroughbred (xx) and Arab (oo) horses approved by PZHK; ponies; foreign-bred horses entered to Polish studbooks.

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